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  1. Plural of fisherman

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A fisherman is someone who gathers fish, shellfish, or other animals from a body of water. Although it usually addresses people who fish as a profession or means of subsistence, it can also be used to identify sport fishermen or "anglers". It may be used to describe both men and women.
Fishing has existed as a means of obtaining food since the Mesolithic period. For some communities, fishing provides not only a source of food and work but also community and cultural identity.

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Although "fisherman" is a broad occupational category, the concept of harvesting fish or shellfish is the deepest similarity. Terms such as crabbing, lobstering, and trawling have emerged to differentiate methods of fisherman obtaining their catch.
"Angler" can be a unisex term for someone who practices "angling", which is essentially fishing with a hook. Commonly, this involves a rod, reel and line. Today it's usually practiced for pleasure.


By the time of the Ancient Egyptians, fishermen provided the majority of food for Egyptians. Fishing had become a major means of survival as well as a business venture. Fishing and the fisherman had also influenced Ancient Egyptian religion; mullets were worshiped as a sign of the arriving flood season. Bastet was often manifested in the form of a catfish. The method Amun, in ancient Egyptian literature, created the world, is associated with the Tilapia's method of mouth-brooding.



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